Wednesday, July 13, 2016

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Sponsored by Starlight PR. #1 Music PR Company (@upcoming100) The music industry's Top 100 artists on the verge.


Submit your song for review along with the submission fee. Submission fees are 100% refundable if your song was not approved.


Once your song gets approved and enters the emerging artists chart, get your fans to vote! You will have four weeks to get into the Top 5, Top 10 or Top 15 of the emerging charts to win cash and prizes. Fans can vote every 24hrs. The chart will update daily at 12:00AM EST. Artists with the most votes within each 24 hours period will automatically move up on the charts.

To kick start your way to the top of the chart, each artist that is approved will receive two weeks of effective marketing and promotion from our partners. You will have some of the most influential companies in the music industry promoting your chart entry single to over three million fans daily to boost your ranking.

The submission fee for the emerging artists chart is $500. This fee is 100% refundable if your song is not approved.

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With the submission fee you automatically receive:

  • Your song guaranteed to Enter the Emerging Artists Chart if approved. 
  • Two weeks of premium marketing and promotion from the music industry's most influential companies. Getting your song into the eyes and ears of the over 3 million fans.  
  • The opportunity to get on the prestigious Upcoming 100 chart beside the next generation of megastars. The chart receives visits daily from media outlets, streaming services, fans and record labels.  
  • A chance to get your piece of the $30,000 in cash and prizes.

# Show up in the top 5 at the end of 4 weeks and win these prizes
Artist 1 $2,000 cash is yours immediately.
Artist 2 Take your rightful place beside tomorrow's Megastars as your song enters the prestigious Upcoming 100 chart.
Artist 3 A One Month Hostile Take Over Marketing campaign from The Music Industry's #1 PR and Marketing Firm (a $7,500 value.)
Artist 4 A press release and full spread featured article in your choice of The Source, XXL or
Artist 5 Go Nationwide! Top 5 artists will receive 4 commercial (BDS Neilson Soundscan Certified) radio interviews, taking your career to a whole new level.


# Show up in the top 10 at the end of 4 weeks and win these prizes
Artists 6-10 A full spread featured article on and 10 other top blogs.
Artists 6-10 One (1) commercial (BDS Neilson Soundscan Certified) radio interview.


# Show up in the top 15 at the end of 4 weeks and win these prizes
Artists 10-15 A full spread featured article on and 15 other top blogs.

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Submit Rap Music

Launched in 2011, My Mixtapez has more than 10 million active users across all their media platforms

  My Mixtapez Media Kit




Main Feature

$ 4000

First Mixtape or Single the users see when they open the app.

* per 24 hours Main Feature price subject to change


Choose the row for your mixtape or single.
  • $ 1500

    Featured Row 1

    * per 24 hours
  • $ 1000

    Featured Row 2

    * per 24 hours
  • $ 750

    Featured Row 3

    * per 24 hours
  • $ 500

    Featured Row 4

    * per 24 hours


Project will be placed under the "Recents" tab in the app.

$ 350

* per submission




Choose the row for your single.

$ 600

Single Main Feature

* per 24 hours

  • $ 350

    Single Row 1

    * per 24 hours
  • $ 250

    Single Row 2

    * per 24 hours




    Place your mixtape on our timer for users to see the Release Date of the project

    $ 350

    * per 24 hours



    Choose the row for your video.

    • $ 500

    Video Row 1

    * per 24 hours
    • $ 350

      Video Row 2

      * per 24 hours
    • $ 300

      Video Row 3

      * per 24 hours







    My Mixtapez Payment Options

    Wire transfer

    Bank Name: Bank of America
    Bank Address: 850 N Homestead Blvd
    Homestead Fl 33030
    Account Name: Duenas Mobile Applications
    Bank Accout #: 898053376294
    Bank Routing #: 026009593

    Paypal E-mail

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Submit Rap Music

Spinrilla is a free mixtape download site where you can stream and download free mixtapes, and get  the latest hip-hop news, videos, and singles.

Steps to uploading your mixtape on Spinrilla:

  1. Pay someone with an upload account to upload your rap mixtape
  2. Sign up for a regular listener account and complete their artist application here: Register For A Spinrilla Account

Submit Rap Music

$99 Video Submissions @

ILPVideo is an online video website containing fashion, luxury, music, lifestyle and funny videos that are suitable for all ages. Updated daily. ILPVideo charges $99.00 Via PayPal for a one time submission upload. User uploaded submissions usually get approximately between 1000 - 7,000 views the first day added to the site. Video uploads never expire or are removed from the ILPVideo Site

Submit Your Music Video To Here

Submit Rap Music

#WSHH Rules accepts most rap music videos,  however; they do have some rules, which you will need to follow and agree to.
  • You must own all necessary rights to uploaded video
  • You agree to their online video submission agreement
  • You must also agree to abide by all worldstarhiphop's  online video submission agreement which states, by submitting your video, you are representing to Worldstar Hip Hop that you have all necessary rights in the video to authorize our use and reuse of the audio and visual material it contains, and that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of that Agreement.

How to upload your video on #WSHH

To submit your WorldStarHipHop video to the website for consideration

Submit Rap Music

Submit Rap

HipHopFind is one of the newest, Most Recognized, Online, Hip Hop Video Sites, that promotes, features, and showcases up and coming rapper's, producer's, unsigned artist, independent artist, and beat maker's, on a grand scale! credits themselves to being The fastest growing online video site dedicated to hip hop and urban culture. Their website receives on average 75,000 visitors per month. 50% of the traffic they receive, comes from search engines, like, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu. 30% of their traffic, comes from social media pages, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. The final 20%, comes from word of mouth, marketing, and viral video campaigns, the site implements regularly.

HipHopFind is priced super low, usually charging $10.00 per song, or video upload, compared to WorldStarHipHop which charges around $750.00 per (1) basic, video upload, and ILPVideo which charges, $99.00 per (1) music video upload.

Due to its ease of use, and the site's functionality; allowing quick, immediate, instant uploads, for a small fee; we think, hiphopfind may be one of the best, immediate solutions, to get more exposure, traffic, and views, to your rap music video, rap song; or any hip hop related media, you may want to promote.

Get your music added to, Instantly!

(click the link below)

Submit Your Rap Music, Video's, And Songs, To Here