Friday, July 8, 2016

Submit Rap Music

Launched in 2011, My Mixtapez has more than 10 million active users across all their media platforms

  My Mixtapez Media Kit




Main Feature

$ 4000

First Mixtape or Single the users see when they open the app.

* per 24 hours Main Feature price subject to change


Choose the row for your mixtape or single.
  • $ 1500

    Featured Row 1

    * per 24 hours
  • $ 1000

    Featured Row 2

    * per 24 hours
  • $ 750

    Featured Row 3

    * per 24 hours
  • $ 500

    Featured Row 4

    * per 24 hours


Project will be placed under the "Recents" tab in the app.

$ 350

* per submission




Choose the row for your single.

$ 600

Single Main Feature

* per 24 hours

  • $ 350

    Single Row 1

    * per 24 hours
  • $ 250

    Single Row 2

    * per 24 hours




    Place your mixtape on our timer for users to see the Release Date of the project

    $ 350

    * per 24 hours



    Choose the row for your video.

    • $ 500

    Video Row 1

    * per 24 hours
    • $ 350

      Video Row 2

      * per 24 hours
    • $ 300

      Video Row 3

      * per 24 hours







    My Mixtapez Payment Options

    Wire transfer

    Bank Name: Bank of America
    Bank Address: 850 N Homestead Blvd
    Homestead Fl 33030
    Account Name: Duenas Mobile Applications
    Bank Accout #: 898053376294
    Bank Routing #: 026009593

    Paypal E-mail


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